How Safe are YOUR Window Shades? Part 2

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Child-safe, Continuous Bead Chain Operated Window Shades

Metal Select Locking Chain Guide
Insolroll’s proprietary Metal Select Locking chain guide is attractive, durable and exceeds the latest child safety standards.

The biggest danger associated with corded window treatments is that of a dangling cord forming a loop around a child’s neck. Insolroll has addressed this, meeting and exceeding the safety standard, with our proprietary Metal Select Locking Chain Guide. Metal Select was designed to stay attached to the wall securely, keeping the bead chain from dangling. Its spring-loaded locking mechanism renders the shade inoperable if the chain guide is loose from the wall, or has been improperly installed, and Metal Select has been tested for strength, durability and function. We went beyond a basic, utilitarian-looking compliant chain guide, however, designing an all-metal guide that looks more like jewelry for your window, in 5 beautiful finishes. It has been tested and engineered for durability, and will not fade, discolor or degrade in the sunlight that chain guides are subjected to daily. So You Want the Ultimate in Child Safe Shade Operation? Motorization is the answer.

Motorized window shades are the ultimate in safety, convenience and luxury. No cords whatsoever, and practically unlimited control options, from simple wall switch or remote control to elaborate home automation systems. Today’s motor options include quiet motors that are the perfect solution for bedrooms and other places where noise might disturb someone if the shade is raised or lowered; parents know it’s best to let sleeping babies lie! As an added bonus, motorization allows adults to more easily limit operation access by children, positioning switches or remote controls where children cannot reach or access them.

UL Listed Motorized Shade Systems

UL Listed Motorized Window Shades
Insolroll’s UL Listed Shading Systems Bear this official designation mark

Unique in the industry, Insolroll goes beyond the lack of cords, offering the highest level of safety assurance for everyone in the house with our motorized shade systems through our UL Listed shade systems.

All of our most popular motor choices are available as UL Listed, safety-engineered complete systems. These have met the most stringent safety standards imposed by the Underwriters Laboratories, trusted by municipalities everywhere to enhance product electrical safety, and specified in their local building codes. The highest possible standard for preventing fire and shock hazards is standard in an Insolroll motorized shade system.

A Shared Responsibility- it really does take a village!

Toddler Climbing Step Stool

Every parent knows that it takes more than just a safe product to ensure the safety of your child in your home. Common sense plays a big part too… place furniture carefully, with child access and curiosity in  mind- keep cribs and beds away from windows wherever possible Move other furniture pieces that a child could climb away from windows. Pieces that are light enough or portable enough for a child to move and place beneath a window really don’t belong in a child’s bedroom until they are older- kids can be amazingly creative when it comes to figuring out how to get up to something interesting! This might include steps tools, toy boxes, or toys large enough to climb on. The adage really is true- it takes a village to raise a child, and Insolroll is proud to be part of that village.