Reef Sheer Fabric in Four Fashion-fabulous colors

Feature Fabric from the Insolroll Elements™ Collection

by Kim Newby for Insolroll

Reef decorative sheer fabric

Sheer fabrics aren’t what they used to be, and Reef is a versatile beauty!

Reef sheer fabric from the Insolroll Elements™ decorative fabric collection, will surprise you with its combination of enticing colors and subtle transparency.

Available in 4 colors, Paprika, Bronze, Peacock and Leaf, this beautiful 100% polyester sheer juxtaposes organic and elegant, with a strong horizontal element with a lot of variation in thread size and depth- occasional fine slubs and knots give it a very pleasing, natural appearance. Lovely transparency maintains a connection with the outside, with some threads more transparent than others, so you get wonderful texture in both color and light. Gentle color casting inspires, with both warm and cool tones in the selection and in each color itself.


Reef sheer fabric in Paprika
Reef “Paprika”

My personal favorite is the Paprika color- fresh and warm, but with a sophistication that elevates this sometimes playful color. A cooler, gray blue thread runs through, tempering all the warm orange-y tones… I just love it, and my photo does not do it justice! The surface texture is much smoother than the photo indicates on all four colors, and that smooth surface is part of this fabric’s appeal.


Reef “Leaf”

The sheer aspects of the Leaf color are my favorite of the four… the vertical threads practically disappear. This combination of thread colors is very soothing, but not at all flat. This particular fabric makes me think of a certain quote about tea, of all things:

“If you are cold, tea will warm you;

if you are too heated, it will cool you,

if you are depressed, it will cheer you;

if you are exhausted it will calm you”

William Gladstone

That’s how I feel about this color- it is a perfect green, that can be anything you need it to be. Dreamy!


Reef “Bronze”

Reef in Bronze combines warm and cool tones for a pleasing, balanced fabric that could transform a room, with a completely different effect in a space with warm undertones from one with cool undertones. I never get tired of looking at this color because it has so much interest in the various threads. The way it interacts with other colors is versatile- check out these combinations how it complements and blends.

Reef “Bronze” paired with a warm, medium neutral
Reef “Bronze” paired with a cool gray
Reef “Bronze” paired with pale, creamy yellow
Reef “Bronze” paired with deep Teal
Reef “Bronze” paired with a medium butterscotch-y gold


Reef “Peacock”

The Peacock color is… well, peacock, overall. Teal, if you will. But so understated and sophisticated it will stay gorgeous and relevant for years to come. Draw on its more saturated thread for accessories in your space (which are everywhere this season!), and let its charcoal gray threads help you ground your room. They say every room needs a touch of black, and charcoal is just a slightly more sophisticated version. Silvery threads in lighter and darker round out this swoonworthy color, and help to give it that staying power you might not find in a strong, in-your-face teal.

Where to use Reef fabric

Because Reef is a sheer fabric, you need to think about where it is appropriate (like any window treatment- when would you not?). A sheer roller shade made with Reef fabric would work well as a standalone shade in a family room, entry or casual living room. For bedrooms or any rooms requiring privacy and even room darkening, pairing Reef with side panels would be very elegant and functional. Because they offer both versatility and dimension, layered window treatments are a personal favorite of mine, and can have a transformative effect. The family of reef fabrics has just a little bit of sheen- very subtle, but will catch the light just a bit and give you an elegant luster that changes from every angle. If you were to install a can light in front of a Reef shade, the effect especially at night would be stunning! This would make it an elegant choice for a formal living room space, with or without drapes depending upon the design style of the room. Because polyester is mildew resistant, Reef is also a decent choice for bathroom shades, that is if you have frosted windows! The effect of the color and light would be beautiful in that setting.

Insolroll Elements™- a curated collection of decorative shade fabrics

We’ve put a lot of thought into our Insolroll Elements™ fabric collection… when we call it a “curated” collection, we really mean it! Every fabric has won a place in the collection, has the quality we insist on, and colors, textures and scale that ring true in the design world. Maybe I’ve said more here about a single fabric than anybody needs to… I can give you that! Or maybe it helps inspire you when you look through our Insolroll Elements™ sample book, for yourself, or for your customer. Sometimes it’s all about visioning, or helping your customer to envision, how a particular fabric can affect (and effect) the feel and look of your room! So if your’e looking for a sheer fabric with style, I hope you’ll take a look at Reef.