Radio Control Shade Interface


Radio Control Shade Interface

Insolroll Motorized Solar Shades and Blackout Shades can easiliy connect with lighting controls or home automation system via a radio interface module

radio interface module

Radio Control Interface Options:

1 channel radio home automation interface (dry contact)
1 channel radio home automation interface (dry contact)

16 channel radio home automation interface (RS 232)
16 channel radio home automation interface (RS 232)

Insolroll offers a single channel and 16 channel radio home automation interface. The 16 channel motorized shade radio interface is designed for larger applications where adding a house full of motorized shades. If more than 16 channels is desired, a 2nd interface module can be added. The single channel model is ideal when adding a single shade motor or group of shade motors to an existing home automation system via dry contact.

Radio Motor Options:

Radio motors work similarly to your garage door. Push button on your visor and the radio waves go through the wall and trip the motor on the door.

AC Radio Motors (110 volts)

Radio Remote Control Motors are easy to wire and ideal retro – fit projects.  Radio motor projects are easy to detail in new construction and require less project managment to insure proper wiring.

  • Motors with radio receiver built-in to the motor.
  • Wiring can be daisy chained, ran in series, etc.
  • Standard noise and quiet motors STDACR or IQMACR respectively.
  • Controls can be a stand alone via switching off a variety of wireless controls.
  • One channel can switch one or many radio motors.
  • Average wireless range is 65 feet. Some inconsistent operation can occur time to time.
  • One intermediate stop is available.
  • One repeater can be used to boost the radio signal.
  • Metal can and will reduce radio frequency range.

DC Radio Motors (24 volt)

  • Wiring is home runned back to power supply area.
  • Need power supplies or transformers to convert high voltage to low voltage.
  • Motors are quiet only.
  • May have fused distribution panels along with power supplies.

Connection Methods from Home Automation Processor:

1) I/R (infrared)- direct line of sight.2) RS232- serial communication
3) IP- Internet protocol. RS232 and RS485 serial communication
4) Dry contact
5) ** Direct switching motors from Home automation processor

Insolroll provides switching shades via one of the methods above through our Radio modules with exception of #5 direct switching from the H.A processor.

• A one channel radio frequency module can switch motors via dry contact only.
• A sixteen channel radio frequency module can switch motors via RS232 and or I/R.
• If IP switching is desired, an IP interface module along with a 16 channel interface module will be needed.

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