Insolroll QMotion Battery Motorized Shades

QMotion waterfront battery motor solar shades

QMotion battery shades- kitchen dining

QMotion Battery Shades Offer Possibilities!

Insolroll QMotion battery motors bring functionality and convenience of motorized shades to a wider group of customers, with advantages that will make you love this product!

  • Shades up to 118″ wide x 120″ high
  • Very small light gaps – just 1/2″ each side
  • Cordless operation ensures child and pet safety
  • Easy to replace, alkaline batteries – none of the issues associated with Lithium Ion batteries
  • Batteries housed directly in the roller tube – no battery wand to detail or hide!
  • QUIET Motors
  • Unique manual override function
  • Smartphone, tablet, and voice control options to fit today’s lifestyles

replacing batteries in qmotion shade

Battery Replacement is Easy, Fast, and Familiar

QMotion battery shades use D-cell or AA-cell batteries that everyone is familiar with, and due to the innovative design of the QMotion system, battery life is long, so you won’t be changing them often.

  • None of the concerning issues associated with Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries
  • Batteries inside the roller tube, with no external wand to detail
  • Patented counter-balanced spring system enhances lifting capacity and provides longer battery life


2 Control Protocols for Application Versatility

QMotion shades offer two distinct control protocols to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.

Gen 3 Radio Protocol

Qdr Remote Square
Gen 3 QdR Remote
  • Simple, one-way control switching
  • Uses QdR Remotes, either single-channel or multi-channel, 30’–50′ range
  • Control individual shades or groups of shades

ZigBee HA 1.2 Protocol

Qdr Remote Square
Qdr Remote
Qmotion ZigBee protocol RE range extender network coordinator
RE Range Extender & Network Coordinator
Qmotion RZ2 ZigBee protocol range extender
RZ2 Range Extender

  • Self-healing mesh network with 2-way feedback
  • Standalone system requires RE Network Coordinator as Hub
  • Native connection with Amazon Echo Hub
    • Alexa voice control
    • App control
  • Native connection with Control 4 Home Automation platform
    • Control4 lighting, etc. devices repeat signal
  • Uses QdR ZigBee Multi-channel remote, 30′ to 50′ range

Amazon Echo Plus QMotion app voice control

Smartphone, Tablet & Voice Control

ZigBee Systems feature app and voice control via native connection with Amazon Echo Plus. No additional hardware is required! Control shades with your smartphone or tablet on iOS or Android platforms.

User-friendly control and easy setup make high tech motorized shade control easily within reach.

  • Easy “plug and play” setup
  • Control individual shades or groups of shades


qmotion manual override operation tug system

Manual Override Operation

Unique in the industry, QMotion Shades feature a patented manual override system; just tug and your shade will operate.

  • Cordless spring operation with QMotion’s patented counter-balanced spring system
  • When remote is misplaced