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Solar Shades & Sun Shades

Solar Shades & Sun Shades The practice of daylighting is at the forefront of sustainable design. Allowing as much natural light into a space as possible while controlling heat and glare in addition to maintaining the user’s connection to the outside world, however, can be challenging. Today’s buildings are full of windows, and Insolroll builds a variety of sun shade systems for commercial and residential applications. Insolroll Solar & Sun Shade Products   Residential Solar Window…read the full post

Patio Shades

Patio Shades Oasis® Patio Shade Systems Perfect for more than just patios, Oasis Patio Shades add on-demand shade and comfort to a variety of outdoor living areas including patios, decks, pergolas, porches, balconies and gazebos. Insolroll has been making patio shades since 1986. Since then, our patio and deck shade products have been branded under the Oasis® brand name and evolved into four different hardware systems to address a wide variety of applications. Either keep your…read the full post

Commercial Window Shades

Commercial Window Shades High quality solar screen roller shades are the perfect window treatment choice for commercial locations, providing increased energy efficiency, durability, and cleanability in addition to heat,glare and UV control. They contribute to the performance of the building and organization as a whole in the areas of safety, energy usage, comfort and user experience. Insolroll® solar shade commercial window treatments are highly durable, and built to last and remain beautiful and trouble-free.  Hospital…read the full post

Interior Roller Shades

Interior Roller Shades A timeless, classic window treatment, interior roller shades utilize a wide range of solar screen, blackout, and decorative translucent fabric styles to bring diversity and function to every type of lighting scenario.   Solar Shades and Sun Shades Insolroll manufactures interior solar screen shades for commercial and residential applications. Solar sun shades control natural light and overheating. Solar Shades utilize a solar screen mesh fabric woven with technical openness characteristics. Solar screen fabric color…read the full post

Exterior Roller Shades

Exterior Roller Shades Insolroll manufactures exterior roller shades for covering windows, decks, porches, pergolas and other outdoor patio structures under the Oasis® brand name. All our exterior roller shade systems are designed to control heat and glare while maintaining the view of the outdoors, and are the most effective shading solution for outdoor living spaces and the outsides of windows. The benefits of solar screen shades make them a clear choice for this extension of residential and…read the full post

Custom Printed Roller Shades Command Attention!

Many Shades of Profit Insolroll is proud to offer custom printed roller shades that can help our dealers sell more jobs, and help any brick and mortar business generate more excitement at their windows and more traffic through their door. We print in-house, allowing us to control the printing process as well as provide top quality shades, something quick printing and sign companies cannot do. Printing can make shades sing in residential applications- the ultimate…read the full post

How Solar Screen Shades Work

How Solar Screen Shades Work Solar Screen Shades Block the Sun, but Not the View! Solar screen fabric is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and openness factors to meet almost any criteria.  These fabrics fall into three categories; dark fabrics, light fabrics, and high performance reflective fabrics, all of which provide: Glare Control Heat Control Natural Light Management View through connection to outside Manage Light UV Protection High performance solar shades High performance…read the full post

Solar Screen Shades: ‘Green’ Solution for Commercial Window Treatments

Solar screen shades are a popular solution for commercial window covering projects. The ability to have the shades down to provide glare control while maintaining “view through” to keep the inside spaces connected with the outdoor environment is truly unique. Performance issues are often overlooked by designers focused only on specifying PVC-free or recyclable products. Although there are many ways to interpret what is Green, making sure that window treatments meet or exceed necessary performance…read the full post

Special Order Fabric Program

Special Order Fabric Program Insolroll has developed a special order fabric program to meet the demand for more fabric types. The following fabrics are not stocked or carried in inventory, but are available on a special order basis. Lead-times may vary depending upon market availability. Special Order Fabric Selection: Effective 06/18/19, Special Order program has changed to the following fabrics only. Shearweave 2701 – 1% Solar Screen Sheerweave 2703 – 3% Solar Screen Sheerweave 2705 – 5% SolarScreen…read the full post

Printed Window Shades

Printed Window Shades Custom images and identity printed on Insolroll Solar Shade and Blackout Window Shades Insolroll offers digital printing on solar screen and blackout fabric shades for both residential and commercial applications.  Imagine the possibilities to improve corporate identity and use custom graphics in windows on printed roller shades as a design element in commercial applications. Digital printing on shades facing the building exterior is the perfect way for many businesses to replace traditional promotional posters and…read the full post