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How Safe are YOUR Window Shades? Part 1

Whether you have children of your own, grandchildren, or even children of the furry kind, this is an issue that is high interest for many. Some people just want to be sure their homes are safe, and to avoid hassles when they sell the home one day. Real estate professionals now warn clients to remove window treatments from a home on the market that are not child safety compliant to avoid culpability after the sale.…read the full post

Retail Store Window Shades

Retail Store Window Shades Solar Screen Shades are a preferred window treatment in commercial retail applications, providing both protective functionality and enhancement of the shopping environment. Enhancing a retail environment with solar shades Solar Screen Shades are a preferred interior window treatment in commercial retail locations. Reduce glare Preserve the view Reduce cooling/energy costs Decrease glare and discomfort of workers Reduce clerk inaccuracy by eliminating glare on point of sale screens near windows. Customer comfort…read the full post

Solar Angled Window Shades

Solar Angled Window Shades Fixed angle-top solar shades block the sun, but not the view! Solar Screen Shades in dark colors are almost invisible, yet they can block up to 99% of the unwanted glare. All of our solar screen fabrics can be made into fixed shades. Our SilverScreen fabric with a metallized backing reflects the most heat.

Dual Shades

Dual Shades with Solar Screen & Blackout Shade combination Solar shade and blackout shade in one product Many rooms need to serve dual purposes- Insolroll® Dual Shades are designed to provide total lighting control for Conference Rooms Hotel Rooms Meeting Rooms Schools and auditoriums Home Theaters any room that requires the elimination of light through windows.   Dual shade with 6″ valance system Insolroll has designed the most versatile dual shade and valance system on the…read the full post

National Account Window Shades & Service

National Account Window Shades & Service Insolroll’s National Account Service provides one-call measuring, window treatment installation, digital printing and maintenance service for retail and restaurant locations at any location in the United States & Canada. One-call window treatment program: All of the benefits of solar shades, none of the hassle of getting set up Glare, heat and UV protection reduce cooling costs and increase comfort Preserve the view through your store windows Environmentally friendly options LEED®…read the full post

Restaurant Window Shades

Restaurant Window Shades Solar Screen Shades are a preferred window treatment in restaurant applications, providing both protective functionality and contributing to a more pleasant atmosphere for diners. Solar screen shades for restaurant glare control Solar Screen Shades make it possible for every seat in a dining area to be used during the busiest times of the business day. Reduce glare Preserve the view Ambient light & ambience Protect interiors Guest comfort Child-safety options Dark colored…read the full post

Hotel Window Shades

Hotel Window Shades The hospitality industry has a unique set of needs for both the private and common areas they maintain. We’ve got functional, beautiful solutions for every one, addressing glare control, privacy and comfort for both guests and workers. Solar shades for daytime privacy When guests are in their rooms, they want to allow in light, and a view if there is one, without being seen from the outside. Solar Screen Shades are the…read the full post

Conference Room & Office Window Shades

Conference Room & Office Window Shades Stylish commercial window treatments in an office or corporate setting establish a tone, and must work hard and look good. Solar shade window treatments are beautiful and functional, with the durability to last. Expect energy efficiency, visual comfort, daylighting benefits, worker satisfaction and more. Solar shade window treatments provide office energy savings Inefficient energy management can affect your business’ bottom line, and replacing valuable carpeting, furnishings and finishes before…read the full post

School & University Window Shades

School & University Window Shades Schools and Universities have their own set of Facilities Management issues, and Insolroll has solutions designed for them. Classroom Window Treatments are Only the Beginning… Educational environments need light management throughout their facilities. At Insolroll, we’ve got solar screen shades, high performance solar screen shades, translucent shades, audio-visual blackout shades and dual shades that combine different light management fabrics in the same window treatment provide a myriad of school window…read the full post

Health Care & Hospital Window Shades

Health Care & Hospital Window Shades Daylighting and evidence-based design Evidence-based design research has shown that daylighting not only reduces energy costs but enhances the building environment, providing health benefits to patients and creating a pleasant, comfortable workplace. Solar Screen shades, privacy shades and translucent roller shades are an important daylighting component in hospitals and other health care facilities. Solar shades provide benefits for hospitals and health care organizations: Decreased cooling costs Decreased glare on…read the full post