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High Performance Solar Screen- Beat the Heat and Get in the Silver Sweet Spot!

Hot enough out there for you? Get in the Silver Sweet Spot! Insolroll’s high performance, silver backed fabrics change the whole equation when it comes to fabric color and performance. Conventional solar screen fabrics have some predictable performance characteristics- if you look at the chart above, you’ll see that typical light colored screens perform well at keeping a room cooler, with a lower shading coefficient overall, but they also fall to the right on the…read the full post

Oasis® 2800 Patio Shades: Happy Birthday to Insolroll’s Original Patio Shade!

We’ll be back next week with Oasis 2700… this week, Oasis 2800 is celebrating its birthday! In 1986, Insolroll developed our first patio solar shade, which ultimately came to be branded the Oasis® 2800 Patio Shade. Apart from enhancements to the basic system, Oasis 2800 remains much the same today, and there’s good reason for that. We did it right the first time. Top shelf fabrics, hefty hardware, and a choice of guide systems and…read the full post

Oasis® 2650 Patio Sun Shades: Added Function in our Manual Patio Shade

Hallelujah! That’s what many of our dealers are saying this spring with our introduction of the Oasis® 2650 Patio Sun Shade. We’ve heard the requests for quite awhile now, and this patio season we’re introducing our new member in the Oasis® family! Oasis® 2650 was designed to be a step up from our 2600 Patio Shade. It’s a manual, clutch operated patio shade for openings up to 12 feet wide. Like the 2600, its solar screen…read the full post

Oasis® Patio Shades : We Build a Better Shade, From Start to Finish!

  In the coming weeks, we’ll be talking more and more about patio shades, and each of the 5 Oasis® Patio Roller Shades models.  Why Oasis® patio shades? When it comes to our Oasis® line of patio shades, we at Insolroll  have a history of quality, innovation and longevity. We’ve developed 5 distinct patio shade models, to cover every type of application beautifully, with design features, functionality, and quality of materials and manufacture that are…read the full post

Spring Dealer Training: Mojave, Motors & More

When it Comes to Dealer Training, Our Sales Team Makes the Difference One of the guiding principles Rick Pease and Dave Friedlander use to steer Insolroll’s boat is people. Rick and Dave believe in building a foundation with the most experienced, knowledgeable and best performing people they can get, and that’s what you see when you come to a Dealer Training Seminar here in Colorado. Our Sales Team, made up of Earl Cornelius, Lisa Abeyta,…read the full post

Daylighting Made Simple: How EVERYONE Can Benefit From Solar Shades

  Daylighting is nothing new. For centuries, builders all over the globe have known that placing windows on one side of a building versus another made for a far more comfortable home that required fewer resources to keep warm and illuminated. A lot of us may tend to shy away from the science surrounding solar screen shades, after all, the complexities and time requirements of everyday life can leave us with little extra bandwidth. But,…read the full post

Growth in Green Building is Good News for Insolroll… AND the planet

Solar Screen Shades and Building Automation are a Profit Team Our dealers can expect to see more solar screen shades and more specifically “green” fabrics being specified. There is greater interest with each year in designing and retrofitting commercial and residential buildings to use less energy, with cooling costs topping the list of areas for improvement. Our high performance fabrics offer the best heat reduction available today, and we make it a point to stay…read the full post

The “Other Solar”: Solar Shades, Energy, and “Going Solar”

Recently hubby and I met with someone in our home to discuss “going solar”. There was much discussion about the benefits of “going solar”… for our wallets, for the community, and for the environment. Clean, renewable energy. Shrinking our carbon footprint. Maintaining a more efficient household, thereby saving money and resources. Being part of the Insolroll family, it’s become second nature for me to think about the energy efficiency of solar screen shades, and the…read the full post

The Dynamic Dual: Dual Shades are Insolroll’s Complete Light Management Solution

    Some rooms are mild mannered, with a clearly outlined function and needs. But other rooms have to work hard, accommodating a variety of uses and activities, sometimes all in a matter of minutes. You’ll find them in many commercial settings, handling high tech activities and media viewing, all kinds of performances, even display of delicate items and more. Insolroll’s Dual Shade system was designed for rooms like this, getting multiple light management needs…read the full post

Solar Shades are for the Birds

It’s getting to be that time of year again, if you are a birder, for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Great Backyard Bird Count. This year’s count will be held February 14-17th, and those who enjoy what is purportedly the nation’s second fastest growing hobby eagerly await the chance to observe, count and catalog the birds that visit their yards. Birding has really stepped up its game technologically, with all kinds of identification apps, song…read the full post