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Decorative Roller Shades: Insolroll Elements® for 6 Popular Design Styles

Decorative roller shades… wait, what? Remember those yellowed, vinyl roller shades your grandmother had? They provided a great bit of semi-naughty fun for youngsters… tug the hem bar, let go and watch it fly up to the top with a loud WHAP!… or, even flap around the roller at the top if it was mounted low enough in the window? Good times! I know as I grew into an adult, I never imagined that I…read the full post

Oasis Patio Shades Driven by Lutron

  What’s all the fuss about? By now, you may or may not have heard the news: Insolroll and Lutron have formed a technical alliance to bring Oasis® Patio Shades to the luxury home market that are capable of integrating with Lutron control systems. Insolroll launched this line of high end patio shades at the CEDIA Expo last month in Dallas, and garnered huge interest. So why is this news? For one thing, when you bring two…read the full post

Sierra Solar Screen Fabric for the Win!

Our new Sierra Solar Screen Shade Fabric is a triple winner- economical, effective and beautiful sun control. Solar screen shades are hot, and only continuing to grow as a category, both commercial and residential. And why not? Cutting the sun’s glare and heat, making spaces more visually and thermally comfortable without blocking the view is optimal. You maintain a connection with the outside, with no closed in feeling, lower your cooling costs, protect furniture and…read the full post

Dealer Training Seminar in Colorado

Insolroll Colorado Dealer Training Seminars Held in Spring, Summer and Fall near our Louisville, Colorado headquarters Bring increased profit potential back to your company from our informative and motivational seminar. Insolroll’s technical training seminar focuses on our state-of-the-art interior and exterior, manual and motorized window shading products. Omni Interlocken Hotel 500 INTERLOCKEN BOULEVARD  BROOMFIELD, COLORADO 80021 PHONE: (303) 438-6600 Seminar Schedule Day 1- Wednesday 10:00 AM Welcome & Introductions  10:15 AM: Roller Shades 101 Ann, Nick and Cameron Interior…read the full post

Insolroll in the News

Insolroll in the News   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE When Smart Meets Beautiful: Insolroll Launches Interior Designer-Grade Motorized Shades Quieter motorized shades with the fabrics, fit, and finish for the most distinguished residential and business interiors. Louisville, Colo., October 17, 2018 – Insolroll Window Shading systems, a leading solar shade manufacturer, announces enhancements to its motorized window shade solutions that interior designers and their clients will love. The product enhancements bring together technology and style, delivering quieter…read the full post


By: Natalie Pease for Insolroll Now don’t freak out, I’m not talking about evil spirits or Voodoo dolls. I’m talking about KOOLBLACK™ Solar Screen fabrics. A fabric for our interior solar screens line that has baffled and amazed many of us here at Insolroll. An employee even nicknamed this fabric “Black Magic”. We have been carrying KOOLBLACK interior solar shades fabric for a number of years now, and its attributes have yet to disappoint us. I…read the full post

Reef Sheer Fabric in Four Fashion-fabulous colors

Feature Fabric from the Insolroll Elements™ Collection by Kim Newby for Insolroll Sheer fabrics aren’t what they used to be, and Reef is a versatile beauty! Reef sheer fabric from the Insolroll Elements™ decorative fabric collection, will surprise you with its combination of enticing colors and subtle transparency. Available in 4 colors, Paprika, Bronze, Peacock and Leaf, this beautiful 100% polyester sheer juxtaposes organic and elegant, with a strong horizontal element with a lot of…read the full post

12 Reasons to Attend Insolroll’s Dealer Training Seminar

When we’re in the heat of battle in our daily lives, we can lose touch with what it feels like to be refreshed and invigorated, so when we hear about another meeting or training, we tend to throw up a mental roadblock. “I don’t have time for that right now.”… or “I’ve been meaning to get to that… next time, maybe…”. But when you’re in the midst of an opportunity that gives you energy, and…read the full post

SC vs. SHGC- Why is This Solar Screen Shade Value Changing?

  Here at Insolroll, we eat, breathe and sleep solar screen shades, which control the amount of heat and glare that enter your home through the windows. People around here, including me, have been wondering “What’s the deal with SHGC on the fabric sample cards? Why can’t they just put SC on the cards?” (Or truthfully, sometimes, “What the heck is SC/SHGC anyway?“) *sound of tires screeching* Hold everything! What??!! We all know that solar screen…read the full post

Why Choose Solar Screen Shades?

We at Insolroll like to use the phrase “Block the sun, not the view!”, and yes, view is paramount when it comes to solar shades.  The quality of the view through solar screen shades is unrivaled among window treatments, but that first half of the phrase is equally important! Solar shades block 3 kinds of the sun’s radiation We have sort of a knee jerk negative reaction to the word “radiation”, but in reality, the…read the full post