Operator Options

Motorized Oasis® 2900 Solar Insect Shade Operator Options

Oasis® 2900 Solar Insect Shades are only available as motorized shades.

Shades are available with 110 volt AC Motors.  Motorized operation is convenient, efficient, and compatible with Insolroll’s Simplified Building Controls and Home Automation Integration Systems.

Hard-wired or Radio Remote Control

Motorization offers trouble-free operation of oversized or hard-to-reach shades. Convenient control options allow shades to operate individually, in groups, or automatically. No more dangling cords, ensuring a clean appearance and eliminating child-safety issues.

Our 110 volt AC tubular-type directional motor has been the industry standard for over 50 years.  These motors are available with directional wires for hard-wired control or with built-in radio controls and include built-in limit and thermal overload switches.