New Oasis® Patio Shade Sampling Program

Oasis product pages

NEW Oasis Sample Book

  • Updated product pages
  • New fabrics including translucents, and updated SKUs

NEW Oasis 2800/2900 Hardware Sample Kit

  • New extruded aluminum headbox sample
  • New stronger bracket sample
  • Side track samples

Oasis Sample Book 2016

Your new sample book allows you to order all of the new hardware, motors and fabrics:

  • WIDER SHADES! Oasis 2800 and 2900 Patio Shades are now available up to 19′ wide. See how we do it!
  • QUIET is the NEW STANDARD! Oasis 2800 and 2900 motorized systems will now be supplied with Radio Quiet Motor (IQM-ACR) AS STANDARD
  • FABRIC ENHANCEMENTS! See below for fabric details

When you order your Oasis Sample Book, let us know if you need an additional Price List.

NEW for 2016- Oasis Translucents and Solar Screen Fabric: 3 New Ways to Enhance Your View OR Your Privacy!

New Oasis Fabric Cards

Season Translucent Fabric:

  • Light flows through
  • No view-through for added privacy
  • Extends the usability of outdoor spaces
  • Reflects away heat
  • Précontraint Serge Ferrari® technology keeps shades flat and beautiful- even large railroaded panels!
  • Water proof, for long term protection against bad weather for your patio furnishings
  • Resists stretching, tearing and other deformation

Shore Translucent Fabric:

  • Light flows through
  • No view-through for added privacy
  • High tensile- and tear-strength
  • Rain resistant
  • Solution dyed
    • Greater wear resistance
    • Excellent color
    • Exceptional weathering behavior
    • Water and oil repellency
    • Mitigation of mold and mildew

Palmetto 8% Exterior Solar Screen Fabric:

  • The perfect compromise between visual comfort and thermal comfort
  • Excellent weather and UV resistance
  • 8% openness allows excellent outward visibility
  • Précontraint Serge Ferrari® technology keeps shades flat and beautiful (even large railroaded shades)
  • Resists stretching, tearing and other deformation
  • 100% recyclable

Oasis sample book product pagesNEW Oasis Sample Book Product Pages Show and Tell a Clear Story

  • Application photos
  • Product features
  • Detail photos
  • Detail drawings
  • Hardware colors


Oasis® Patio Shade Fabric Sample Cards

Oasis sample cardsSolar Screen Fabrics

  • View-through sample windows
  • Waterfall “feeler” samples
  • Multiple densities shown
  • Manufacturer specs
  • Solar and visual performance properties
  • “Natural” weave patterns

Insect Screen

  • View-through sample windows
  • Fenestration properties
  • Manufacturer specs
  • Aperture sizes

Translucent Fabrics

  • Large waterfall “feeler” samples
  • Specs and performance properties where available from manufacturer
  • Water resistance properties

Oasis 2800/2900 Hardware Sample KitOasis® 2800/2900 Hardware Sample Kit

Detailing 2800 and 2900 shade systems is easier than ever with our new hardware sample kit.

  • NEW extruded head box sample
  • 2800 Side Track sample
  • 2900 Side Track sample
  • NEW heavier bracket sample
  • 3 hardware colors represented
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