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So many shade control options from Insolroll… from the simple to the sublime.


Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) revolutionizes home comfort

What is radio control? Like garage door openers and car key/alarm fobs, radio shade control uses radio waves at a specified frequency to signal your shade to move. Radio signal penetrates walls of buildings or houses so you don’t have to be right in front of your shade to operate it like you would with a TV remote using infrared signal.

Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) is Somfy’s exclusive control platform which enables users to adjust motorized interior window coverings and outdoor patio shades from virtually anywhere inside or outside the home. It’s the ultimate combination of luxury and energy efficiency! RTS is offered with a variety of control options:

Insolroll motorized window shade control

  • Hand-held remotes
  • Wireless wall switches
  • Table-top controls
  • App control
  • Voice control
  • Timers
  • Third-party home automation systems

How RTS works

Simply press a button on a remote control or wireless wall switch to send out a radio wave signal to move motorized Insolroll® interior or Oasis® outdoor shades with ease. No need to point or aim the remote, RTS is omnidirectional and operates reliably at a distance of 20 feet (up to 65 feet under optimal conditions). Just like a garage door opener, the radio waves travel through walls, making control of motorized shades easier than ever.

Benefits of using RTS

  • Omnidirectional signal–travels through walls making shade control easy. You don’t have to be in the same room as your motorized shade, or aim control devices at them in order to operate.
  • Features Somfy’s exclusive “my” function, which lets you program a preferred position for shades so they can be easily moved with the touch of a button.
  • No extra wires for control are needed.
  • Operates with simple voice commands by adding the Somfy myLink™ and your voice control assistant.


Shade control flexibility

  • Mix and match controls as you wish
  • Change user preferences anytime with simplified programming
  • Build a home automation system gradually. Start with a motorized patio shade, then add interior shades later. If you go big, you can also integrate your RTS motorized shades with third-party home automation systems.
  • RTS adapts easily to changes in your interior layout–add control points or move them at will.

Peace of mind

  • RTS has secure operation with a rolling code to reduce interference with other radio products
  • With RTS, you can automate your motorized shade operation and control products even when away from home, through the use of the Somfy myLink interface.

Switching by 3rd party lighting control or building management system

Insolroll offers open architecture shade control that allows for easy wireless or wired interface with virtually all brands of control systems.

Simple motorized shade control system

Handheld and wireless switch control

Special built-in radio remote control motors simplify wiring, as the motors can be plugged into an outlet located near the head of the window. A radio signal is sent to a shade from a transmitter.

Minimum requirements: motorized shade with built-in radio remote control motor and at least one transmitter device.

Radio transmitter controls can be incorporated into both app-based and advanced home automation control systems.

Handheld transmitter options

Radio motor transmitter
Single channel interior
multi channel radio transmitter
5 channel interior
water-proof 5 channel transmitter
5 channel exterior*
water-proof single channel radio transmitter
Single channel exterior*
Situo 1 channel interior
Situo Pure 5 channel transmitter
Situo 5 channel interior

*Exterior transmitters are waterproof for outdoor/patio use.

Wireless wall switch transmitter options

In-wall wireless switches are available in white, ivory, and black and come in One-, Two-, Three-, Four-, and Five- channel configurations. Custom engraved buttons are available as well to create custom named channels for clear identification.

Single channel radio wall transmitter
1-channel in-wall switch
Black 5 channel radio wall transmitter
5-channel in-wall switch
Ivory 5 channel radio wall transmitter
5-channel in-wall switch
Surface mount single channel
Surface mount multi channel

App-based motorized shade control system

Somfy myLink™: powerful enhancement for your RTS system

Adding Somfy’s myLink to your RTS system opens up a world of lifestyle and home efficiency possibilities, functioning as a bridge between your local WiFi to the RTS shade controls. Somfy’s myLink works with your home’s WiFi, translating WiFi mobile device and voice commands into RTS signals to control your shades.

Minimum requirements: Motorized shade with built-in radio remote control motor, Somfy myLink, and personal mobile device with myLink control app installed.

myLink control systems can also include handheld radio remote controls, in-wall switches, and wall-mounted switches.


smartphone iphone motorized shade remote myLink

Tablet, smartphone & voice control

Mobile device wireless shade control

The advent of tablets and smartphones brought with it the reinvention of home lighting and motorized window shade control. Now, powerful, value-packed options for switching everything in the home are available through apps for iOS and Android platforms. Allows multiple tablet or smartphone users, as well as laptop and desktop computers to operate your Insolroll Radio Motor shades with ease, and lots of functionality options. myLink lifestyle (link to previous tab?)

Somfy MyLink tablet screen

MyLink WiFi app control provides functionality and convenience in the palm of your hand

  • Control for up to 16 channels per myLink from iOS and Android devices
  • Join multiple myLinks together for multi-zone control
  • Automate window coverings with Scenes and Schedules–  automate motorized applications on a seven day schedule so you can effortlessly enjoy their many benefits
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Remote access/operation– Activate shades, schedule and scenes, even when you’re away from home with a single tap, to maximize the many lifestyle benefits they provide, such as energy savings, UV protection and privacy.
  • Voice control via Amazon Alexa and more!

Somfy voice control

Voice Control Devices

Voice control options for shades and many other home devices and systems are changing almost daily. Virtually all Insolroll motorized shade options can be controlled by various voice control platforms, whether for single shade or whole-home systems.

Getting started is a snap! Just Plug and Play.

Somfy myLink easy startup guide

myLink’s easy ‘plug and play’ set up allows you to quickly get started creating custom shade control scenes and schedules starting with your mobile device. 

  • Easy setup wizard
  • Free app for iOS and Android:

Apple app store buttongoogle play app store button

What can myLink do?

At work and realized you forgot to close your shades for the day? Not a problem. With a simple tap of your device screen you can close all your shades.

Want your west-facing shades to lower 3 hours before sunset? Your myLink will adjust for daily sunset time every day of the year.

Go ahead– make a “scene”! Enjoy a relaxing lunch on your deck on a warm sunny day! Close all the shades in your kitchen and lower your Oasis® Patio Shades with a single tap or the sound of your voice. Your interior stays cool and comfortable while you enjoy lunch in the shade.

Want to wake up with the sun? Use myLink to schedule your motorized shades to automatically open at 7 am (or exactly when the sun rises) to start the day with natural light, or close all your shades at 8pm for privacy and peace of mind.

Rocking a baby to settle down for a nap? Don’t worry about getting up or using your phone to lower the shades. Just ask your voice assistant!

Want to make your home more secure while you’re away? Create vacation schedules to operate your shades, to give the appearance of someone being at home, and access your myLink from anywhere there is WiFi to move shades on demand.

Neighbor texts you to say a storm squall has come up and your patio shade is down? Raise your shade from wherever you are to protect it from damage.

Somfy’s myLink is ready to integrate with numerous home automation platforms right out of the box:

Somfy myLink array devices and logos

  • Amazon Alexa voice control
  • Google Assistant voice control (via IFTTT)
  • Control4
  • Crestron
  • Savant
  • Elan
  • URC
  • RTI

Learn more about mobile device and voice control using myLink (link to tab)

google play app store button

This section under construction. Come back soon!

Hard-wired switches provide the most dependable shade control

Traditional hard-wired switching for directional AC motors can be a great solution when your project demands reliable shade control. Hard-wired switches are unaffected by other technologies being used in a home or office so they are ideal for applications where RF interference is a concern. 

3-position switch

3 position designer switch
3 position designer switch

Variety of colors and styles

  • Three-position switches (up/off(center)/down).
  • Available in multiple styles and colors to match decor.

Insolroll offers several styles of 3-position switches designed for 110V AC directional motors used in most window treatments. All switches have a 15 amp rating and are UL-Recognized.

*Important Note: 110 V AC motors cannot be wired in parallel. Each motor requires a separate run of 14/3 AWG to a separate pole of a switch or relay.

Hard-wired designer wall switch
Designer Switch
hard-wired wall switch
Standard wall switch

Standard switches

  • Maintained or momentary
  • Single or double pole
  • Color: white only
  • Single gang plates available

Designer Switches

  • Maintained or momentary
  • Single or double pole
  • Colors: white, ivory, or almond
  • Single gang plates available