Introducing the New Shade Fabrics in Insolroll’s Collection

By now, you may have seen our April 1 rollout of new shade fabrics, blackout fabrics and changes to our lineup. We are confident that these changes will reflect very positively in real-world sales. Here’s a little more info to help you add the new fabrics to your repertoire quickly and smoothly.

Mesa Solar Screen Fabric: a “Suite” of Densities

Mesa solar screen fabric
New Mesa fabric card

Our new solar screen fabric, Mesa will be available for both interior and Oasis® shades. Mesa is a PVC-coated fiberglass basketweave screen fabric,available in four density levels- 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10%. Those multiple densities make it possible to cover windows on different exposures in the same house or room with the appropriate density fabric, all in matching colors. Think of it as a “Suite”. All but the 10% openness fabric are available in 126″ wide goods, which makes Mesa able to cover larger shades without railroading.

We are sampling 7 colors, in single colors and dual thread colors, in a range of tones from the light Oyster to the darkest, Charcoal. Beige/Pearl Grey offers a tone-on-tone, subtle texture, as does Charcoal/Chestnut, while Charcoal/Alpaca presents a more assertive texture, with black threads running vertically and an Apricot-y horizontal thread. Up close and personal, the texture really reads as two colors, but when you stand back, you see a warm, medium taupe-y shade. It’s my new favorite!

Mesa is sampled on a fabric card with view-through windows, so it’s easy to see the difference in openness between the densities.

High Performance E-Screen & T-Screen with KOOLBLACK® Technology

KoolBlack high performance fabric
New E-Screen/T-Screen with KOOLBLACK® Technology fabric card

Get heat performance more like a light color with dark colored E-Screen and T-Screen with KOOLBLACK® Technology. In case you don’t have a grip yet on KOOLBLACK technology, here’s the lowdown. Mermet’s Proprietary KOOLBLACK technology  increases the reflectivity of dark colored yarns, increasing their Near Infrared Reflection (NIR). Regular solar screen fabrics in dark colors absorb solar heat energy in the near infrared wavelength. So, KOOLBLACK Technology fabrics give you excellent view-through and glare control, but better heat control.

E-Screen with KOOLBLACK® Technology

PVC-coated fiberglass fabric in a basket weave pattern, popular E-Screen with KOOLBLACK® Technology used to be in our Special Order Program, but we’ve moved it front and center to our in-stock lineup. We feature 3 great dark colors in 2 densities (3% and 5%). The thing that really sets E-Screen with KOOLBLACK® apart is that it has NO METALLIC BACKING, allowing dark fabric streetside where that is preferred. Dark fabric facing the street creates a uniform appearance, even when some shades are up and some are down, and E-Screen with KOOLBLACK is the only fabric to pull this off.

T-Screen with KOOLBLACK® Technology

PVC-coated twill weave pattern with light color facing the outside and dark color facing into the room. This fabric’s glare and heat performance falls between EnviroScreen and E-Screen with KOOLBLACK Technology, and it is available in both 3% and 5% openness (density). The twill weave and 2 yarn colors produce a fine textured appearance, which is still perceptible from a distance- it reads as a very finely nubby, tactile fabric. 3 colors complement the color choices of our E-Screen with KOOLBLACK offering, and this fabric also provides a higher performance solution on competitive commercial projects.

Nocturne Blackout Fabric

Nocturne blackout fabric
Our previously popular blackout fabric, Nocturne, has returned to our in-stock lineup with enhanced quality and durability. Nocturne offers a PVC-free, and fire retardant blackout option at a competitive price. We are sampling 7 colors, from white to black, with 5 neutrals in between. My favorites are Orient and Dune, two complex, true neutrals that work with both warm and cool design schemes. Nocturne is available in 118″ wide width goods.

At Insolroll, we are always improving our fabric offerings, so that we can continue to provide the very best and most diverse collection in both function and aesthetics.