Intelligent Motor Interface

Intelligent Motors Platform ( ILT)

The ILT- AC motors features programmable motor controllers built into the head of the motor. Programming is accomplished by a Home Automation company programming the controllers according to the customers wishes and pre designed custom control packages. Crestron is a preferred Home Automation company since the integrator will connect the data lines to a Crestron interface C2C-SSC-2.

2 Way feed back can be achieved with these intelligent controllers through Crestron .

Crestron Certified Integrated Partner

AC Intelligent Motors (110 volts)
Dealers typically purchase the motorized shades, install them , and set the limits. The controlling aspect and supplying controls/switches is up to the Crestron integrator.
110 volt wiring can be daisy chained or ran in series, along with a data line for serial communication.
Standard noise and quiet motors STDILT or IQMILT respectively.
This dependable solution with wires ran to all controls, switches, and motors make it a very reliable system when switching shades from a variety of devices including 3rd party automation controls. Primarily the Crestron Integrator will be responsible for supplying all controls and switching though his system.
Switching is RS485

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