Intelligent Motor Controller Interface

Intelligent Motor Controller Interface

Insolroll Intelligent Motor Controller
Insolroll Intelligent Motor Controller

Controllers/switches are added to a designed system package that switch “dumb” DC and AC motors. These dumb motors with intelligence now become a seamless connectivity package. Insolroll custom-made interface panels are pre-programmed for specific projects to reduce installation time and confusion in the field.  2 Way feed back can be achieved with these intelligent controllers.

AC Non- radio Motors (110 volts)
Motors that are used with these controllers are tubular and bi-directional.
Wiring can NOT be daisy chained or ran in series, etc. Must have separate home run to controller/switch.
Controllers are “bused together” to be able to communicate with one another.
Standard noise and quiet motors STDAC or IQMAC respectively.
Controls can be a stand alone via switching off a variety of controls. ( wall switches, remotes, keypads, sun and wind sensors, PC, etc..)
99 intermediate stops are available.
This dependable solution with wires ran to all controls, switches, and motors make it a very reliable system when switching shades from a variety of devices including 3rd party automation controls.

DC Non-radio motors (24 volt)
Wiring is home runned back to power supply area.
Need power supplies or transformers to convert high voltage to low voltage.
Motors are Normal noise only. STDDC.

Switching methods from Home automation as follows:
1) Dry contact- send an impulse to switch shade in a specific up/down direction.
2) I/R (infrared)- direct line of sight.
3) RS232- serial communication
4) IP- Internet protocol. RS232 and RS422 serial communication
5) ** Direct switching motors from Home automation processor

Insolroll provides switching shades via one of the methods above through our Intelligent controllers with exception of #5 direct switching from the H.A processor.

• Intelligent motor controllers can switch motors via dry contact. Most controllers have open, common, close inputs on the controllers. Depending upon which controllers being used, know that dry contact will always be an option with additional components if dry contacts are not in place.
• Intelligent motor controllers can switch motors via I/R. (Infrared) An eye can be easily designed within the bused system for integration via infrared.
• Intelligent motor controllers can switch motors via RS232, RS422. Insolroll can provided controls to switch shades via serial communication.
• Intelligent motor controllers can switch motors via IP (Internet protocol) Add the appropriate controls and switching through the internet can be achieved.

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