Hard-wired switching for 24v DC motors

Hard-wired switching for 24v DC motors

Single pole designer switches
2 wire directional STD-DC motors.

color: white or ivory



Understanding 2 wire directional DC motors


Single DC motor & switch
Single DC motor & switch

Low voltage motors require a power supply to convert 110 volt AC to low voltage DC. Motor speed will vary depending upon shade size (weight), wire gauge, and wire length.  For wire runs up to 40 ft use 18 gauge wire.  For longer wire runs, use 14 gauge wire up to 100′ and 12 gauge wire up to 150′.

Switching individual shades is accomplished by a 3 position DC switch. A master switch is an option instead of individual switches (beware of motor speed issues noted above). Variations in motor speeds may require lowering shadings completely and starting back up to get the shadings to line up. Remote Control & Home Automation switching are also options. Motors can be wired in parallel to switch.

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