Shade Printing for Signage

Shade Printing for Commercial Signage

Solve Glare problems while maximizing Advertising Value

Printed Shades have a relatively low cost, long life, and 24-hour-a-day work ethic.  A well-designed, well-placed Printed Shade can generate thousands of impressions every day for years or the time of a specific promotion.  The shades can pay for themselves with marketing results and solve Sun problems in the process.  Printed Shades can send marketing messages to more people per dollar invested than most other forms of advertising. 

Use Shade Signage for:

Make sure customers know you are OPEN!
  • Corporate Logos and Branding Identity
  • Promotional Advertising attracts attention
  • Lifestyle photos to enhance Branding
  • Specific business details (“Now Open”, Emergency Exit signage on glass doors or store hours)
  • Provide visual message + Protect interiors and inventory from fading without blocking the view
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