Insolroll Fabric Collection

Different types of fabrics for different needs and applications.

Solar Screen Fabric

Solar screen in a dining room

Solar screen fabric is also known as technical fabric, because it is manufactured and woven to very precise standards for solar reflectance, absorptance and transmittance, as well as density, or openness of the weave. These properties are what determine the effectiveness of any solar fabric at controlling glare, heat, UV and how much view-through that fabric provides.

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Selecting the right Solar Screen Fabric

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Blackout Fabric


Blackout fabrics are opaque and do not allow light to pass through the fabric. Perfect for room darkening, privacy, and media viewing.

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Decorative Fabrics

Insolroll Elements® Patina fabric shades

Our unique Insolroll Elements® Decorative fabrics a carefully curated collection of fashion forward sheer, semi-sheer, solar, translucent and blackout fabrics. The collection features textures, colors and opacities that are right on the pulse of today’s interior design.

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