Insolroll Sample Program

Insolroll Solar Shade Sample Book with customer

At Insolroll, we’ve got 3 distinct roller shade programs to meet your customers’ needs and create opportunities. Make sure you have our latest samples!

Insolroll Solar Shade Program Sample Book

Insolroll Solar Shade Sample Book: $200

Solar Screen Shades, Blackout Shades, Translucent Shades and Specialty Contract Shades

We’ve gone out of our way to make closing the sale easier, whether for a residential living room project or a hotel under construction. Quite simply, this book has more of what you need, and less of what you don’t. Completely redesigned product pages with closeups, drawings, color details and application photos. Redesigned sample cards help make your customer’s choice easier.

Key features of new sample program:

  • 13 new fabric patterns, including textured blackout patterns, textured solar screen patterns and
    sustainable fabrics
  • Healthcare and Hospitality specialty fabrics and sample cards
  • Enhanced selling features for telling the solar shade story
  • Introduction to Insolroll Elements® fabric selection with a sampling of fabrics

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Coming Soon: complete downloadable checklist of Fabric Sample Cards for this Book

Insolroll Elements® Decorative Roller Shades Sample Book: $180

Insolroll Elements™ Sample Book

Insolroll Elements® is our decorative shade program, and the collection features a diverse, curated collection of fabrics.

  • 39 textured fabrics in 115 different color choices
  • 5 Opacity choices
    • Sheer
    • Semi-sheer
    • Solar
    • Translucent
    • Blackout
  • Available with our full complement of operator, hardware and finishing choices.

Oasis® Patio & Exterior Window Shades Sample Book: $100


  • NEW Wider Patio Shades! Oasis 2800 & 2900 now available up to 19′ wide!
  • NEW Exterior Translucent Fabrics for patio shades and enclosure applications
    • Season Translucent- Waterproof, weather resistant fabrics adds privacy to outdoor living spaces and extends the patio season
    • Shore Translucent- A modern, acrylic version of canvas with much greater water and oil resistance; perfect for patio shade and enclosure applications
  • NEW Palmetto 8% Solar Screen fabric– The perfect compromise between visual and thermal comfort- 8% openness allows excellent view-through, sun protection, and Précontraint Serge Ferrari Technology for flat, beautiful shades!

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Coming Soon: complete downloadable checklist of Oasis Fabric Sample cards.

NEW Oasis® 2800/2900 Hardware Sample Kit: $30

Oasis 2800/2900 Hardware Sample Kit

We’ve created a new hardware sample kit for 2800 Patio Shades and 2900 Retractable Insect Shades. 

  • NEW Extruded aluminum headbox sample
  • NEW stronger Oasis bracket sample (fits into headbox to show both wall mounts and ceiling mounts)
  • Oasis 2800 track sample
  • Oasis 2900 track sample

Paramount Valance Sample Kit: $30

New Paramount Valance Sample Kit