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New Fabrics and Fresh Looks Elevate Insolroll Roller Shades

[…] it’s not a fabric that makes you happy (or even swoon!), or somehow completes the design of your room… well, it’s kind of meaningless.  At Insolroll, our philosophy is fabric curation. We search out and test solar shade fabrics and decorative fabrics that meet our strict standards, to build collections that offer what customers are really looking for. Winners, not fillers to wade through, that have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they make gorgeous shades […]

Introducing the New Shade Fabrics in Insolroll’s Collection

By now, you may have seen our April 1 rollout of new shade fabrics, blackout fabrics and changes to our lineup. We are confident that these changes will reflect very positively in real-world sales. Here’s a little more info to help you add the new fabrics to your repertoire quickly and smoothly. Mesa Solar Screen Fabric: a “Suite” of Densities New Mesa fabric card Our new solar screen fabric, Mesa will be available for both […]

Protected: Protected: Fabric Questions

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Decorative Shade Fabrics: More than Meets the Eye

[…] and technical data like shading coefficients and visible light transmission, and even the impact of color and density of the weave. But man does not live by bread alone, right? More choices and more opportunities with Decorative Fabrics Decorative shades hold plenty of interest out there, and at Insolroll we’re proud to feature fabrics that fall into this category but still meet our stiff quality standards. Weave patterns, variation in yarns, and degree of […]

Decorative Roller Shades: Insolroll Elements® for 6 Popular Design Styles

[…] function- cordless options with smooth-as-butter spring operators, motorization choices from the simple to the sublime, stylish hardware and finishing options… These are important attributes, but the thing to really get excited about with roller shades is the fabrics and the array of textures available. Gorgeous, diverse, textured fabric choices that will make your heart sing, offering different levels of sun control, privacy and light management. If you haven’t taken a peek lately, you’re in […]

Reef Sheer Fabric in Four Fashion-fabulous colors

Feature Fabric from the Insolroll Elements™ Collection by Kim Newby for Insolroll Sheer fabrics aren’t what they used to be, and Reef is a versatile beauty! Reef sheer fabric from the Insolroll Elements™ decorative fabric collection, will surprise you with its combination of enticing colors and subtle transparency. Available in 4 colors, Paprika, Bronze, Peacock and Leaf, this beautiful 100% polyester sheer juxtaposes organic and elegant, with a strong horizontal element with a lot […]


By: Natalie Pease for Insolroll Now don’t freak out, I’m not talking about evil spirits or Voodoo dolls. I’m talking about KOOLBLACK™ Solar Screen fabrics. A fabric for our interior solar screens line that has baffled and amazed many of us here at Insolroll. An employee even nicknamed this fabric “Black Magic”. We have been carrying KOOLBLACK interior solar shades fabric for a number of years now, and its attributes have yet to disappoint us. […]

Sierra Solar Screen Fabric for the Win!

[…] for our dealers and customers, making solar shades a realistic option even when the budget is challenging. Value Priced Sierra Opens Doors On a contract project with hundreds of shades, Sierra’s very competitive price point can allow significant savings over other fabrics, particularly where shade fabric is not specified. For a small business with glare problems or merchandise to protect, Sierra can make quality solar shades an affordable alternative over low quality window treatments of any kind. Sierra is an excellent, cost-effective […]


[…] to prevent shipping damage COMPLETE roller shade supplier: Solar Shades, Blackout Shades, Decorative Shades, Printed Shades, Patio Shades, Retractable Insect Screens Pinnacle Program volume discounts and shipping incentives   3 Shade Programs- One Supplier   Insolroll’s In-stock Interior Fabrics in 2 combined programs 85 fabric styles, 361 Fabric SKUs 33 solar styles, 177 SKUs 17 blackout styles, 73 SKUs 15 translucent styles, 52 SKUs 4 sheer styles, 10 SKUs 9 semi-sheer styles, 31 SKUs Insolroll® […]

Insolroll Oasis Exterior Shade Fabrics

Insolroll Oasis Exterior Shade Fabric Collections Insolroll offers a large selection of fabric colors, styles and textures to meet every sun shade application. For outdoor durability, all of our Oasis fabrics utilize a PVC-coated fiberglass or polyester mesh ranging in openness from 3% to 48%. Fabric color and openness (or density) determine the amount of glare reduction and heat reduction, for example a light colored fabric is more effective at heat reduction, while a dark […]