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12 Reasons to Attend Insolroll’s Dealer Training Seminar

colorado mountain wildflowersWhen we’re in the heat of battle in our daily lives, we can lose touch with what it feels like to be refreshed and invigorated, so when we hear about another meeting or training, we tend to throw up a mental roadblock. “I don’t have time for that right now.”… or “I’ve been meaning to get to that… next time, maybe…”.

But when you’re in the midst of an opportunity that gives you energy, and helps clear the cobwebs about a topic that’s eluded you, or shows you pathways to success you hadn’t thought of yet, the value is clear. At Insolroll, we work hard to put together an opportunity for our dealers that does those things and more… a great mix of education, energy and fun. And what better place than Colorado in summer?

Here are a few reasons you should think about attending our dealer training seminar, for the first time, or again:

1. Learn how our new Insolroll Elements™ decorative fabric line can work for your bottom line!

The newest addition to our stellar roller shade lineup- Insolroll Elements™ decorative roller shades, with sheers, semi-sheers, translucents, decorative solar screens and blackout fabrics. The rave reviews keep rolling in, and you can learn all about the fabrics as well as fit and finish here.

2. Get a better grip on the science of how solar screen shades work

Let’s face it- solar screen fabrics are technical fabrics, and getting a better understanding of how they work helps you sell your product and feel great about the positive environmental impact these window treatments can have. Which fabric is the right one for your application? How do you recommend the fabric for best energy performance? What’s the best fabric for glare control? You’ve heard questions like these before, and we can give you the tools to confidently answer them.

3. Meet Insolroll staff face to face

You know you want to! Have lunch with your favorite Customer Service peeps; pick the brains of your Regional Sales Managers. Have a chance to chat with Earl Cornelius himself…

4. Brush up or get a foundation in motorization

Matt Motor photo

Our dealers fall all over the spectrum when it comes to motorization and controls. If your’e a beginner, we’ll help you get a foothold. If you are well on the path, we can help you move up to the next level. Go ahead- ask your questions!

5. Learn about the different types of high performance fabrics

Can you explain the difference between metallized fabrics like SilverScreen and KOOLBLACK technology to your customers? We can help! There’s a reason high performance fabrics were developed, and there are reasons that multiple approaches have been developed. We can help you confidently recommend the high performance fabric that is perfect for either commercial or residential applications.

6. Interact with other dealers

Even considering all of the factual and applied knowledge that comes with Insolroll’s dealer training seminars, one of the biggest benefits attendees walk away with is having a chance to network with fellow dealers. Compare tactics with a dealer from another part of the country, or trade tales of difficult applications and what the solutions were. Interacting with peers is the best way to find out what’s going on in your industry, and not just in your own part of the world. Plus, it’s fun, and the Wednesday night dinner out gives everyone a chance to unwind and get to know each other better.

7. Get some marketing tips

We’ll talk with you about the resources we make available to our dealers and how to use them, as well as what you can do in your local markets to boost your business. You’re bound to walk away with something you didn’t know before!

8. Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to…

Chances are, if you have a question, others have it too. This is a perfect opportunity to get nagging questions answered, or find resources that can make your life easier.

9. Learn how adding exterior shades to your lineup can ramp up your business

If you only offer interior window shades, there is a whole other market segment out there for patios and exterior window shades, as well as retractable insect screens. With all of your knowledge about the technical aspect of solar screens, why not put that to use selling outdoor shades as well? Outdoor living continues to grow in popularity, and Insolroll offers five distinct outdoor shading systems for every type of application. Maybe you would like to add this layer of opportunity to your business.

10. See and touch motors, controls, fabrics, and all the nuts and bolts

Seeing items in a price list or brochure is one thing. Touching and operating them in person is another. See firsthand the importance of Insolroll’s engineering, and the payoff of Insolroll’s innovation. See why our patio shades beat the ones from big box stores. See and feel the quality of Insolroll operators, and the ease of Insolroll controls.

11. Tour the manufacturing facility

Walking through the Insolroll factory is an experience in itself. You will see just why our shades have the quality we are proud of. You will see how much attention goes into every step of the process of building our window shades and patio shades. You will get to see the large format printing process, the scale of our in-stock fabric inventory, and the quality of our equipment. If you were not a believer before, you will be after this tour!

12. Visit beautiful Colorado in the summertime

We are always excited to offer people the opportunity to take advantage of a little extra time in our beautiful state. While it’s amazing in every season, summer is especially wonderful. When the seminar is done, maybe you want to take a little time to visit the magnificent Colorado Rocky Mountains, with riotous wildflowers, lots of opportunities to observe the native wildlife, and endless outdoor recreation and vistas. Like to mountain bike? Check. Like to hike? Check. Want to cool off at a higher altitude? Check!

Rocky Mountain National Park is an hour away. Mountain resort towns like Vail, Breckenridge and Aspen are within driving distance. Pikes’ Peak, Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academy are 90 minutes south, and there’s more than we could list here.

Doesn’t it sound like maybe Colorado in June is for you?- Not much time left to make your decision, but we can still fit you in!

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